Earn pay with your know-how through light entrepreneurship

We are taking part in developing employment culture – we bring skilled people and companies together 💪

We will chart your know-how and skills, and introduce you to our corporate clients – this will help you find work gigs that suit you!
This is what we are known for 💕

Way2Work's brand new #invoicingservice 🥳

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Why do people pick us?

A versatile invoicing service

Easy to use

Invoicing has never been easier than this. We make sure that everyone learns how to use our system, and that everyone can send e-invoices easily to their clients.

Open work gigs

Browse and search for work gigs with just a few clicks, earn money, and see how far your know-how will take you! Work as many gigs as you want – when it's most convenient for you.

Practical and useful

For our clients, gig work is a great way for gaining work experience, exploring different industries and companies, and demonstrating their skills and know-how; it's an easy way to try out entrepreneurship.

Suits everyone's needs

Our clients include regular people, companies, and the public sector. We bring great benefits to everyone's business endeavours.

Part of building employment culture

We collaborate actively with people and various other parties, enabling constant development in our business operations.

Exceptional customer service

In 2022, – more than half of those who answered our survey said they would be returning to us thanks to our exceptional customer service.

The best #invoicingservice in Finland

One of the fastest growing invoicing services 👍

Our company was created from a desire to remove unnecessary hurdles from finding employment and helping as many people as possible find employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to our transparent pricing, you'll know precisely how much each work gig will pay you!

  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Keeps up with current legislation
  • Co-operates with the Finnish Tax Authority
  • Electronic commissions
  • Accident insurance
Light entrepreneur's safety

Why pick us?

  • Way2Work invoicing service

    Offers work gigs, prevents grey economy by automatically taking care of contracts and taxation, provides automatic notifications as well as broad-scope accident insurance.

    • No mandatory running expenses
    • Confidential whistleblowing channel
    • Safe, electronic book-keeping
    • The first Gig Market in Finland
    • Option for quick payment
  • Other invoicing services

    Contracts are often purposefully not created, or the contracts are very vague; light entrepreneurs are mislead, promised payments are not made in time, and light entrepreneurs' health and well-being may be neglected entirely.


light entrepreneurs use our services for invoicing


invoices processed, sent, and payments made


companies that use our services in their business operations

Why do light entrepreneurs choose Way2Work?

Everything we do, we do with love 🥰

With our help, no new light entrepreneur will find themselves in trouble! We will do all we can to make everything from getting started to invoicing as simple and clear as possible with our easy-to-use user interface.

We also offer an affordable additional service where you do not have to lift a finger for the invoicing process! 😇

Join as a client 👉

There has long been talk about the massive changes in working culture;
now those changes are here to stay 🪄


Do you want to earn money, but don't know what to do?

If you want to become a light entrepreneur, it's smart to think about which field fits your strongest skills. Are you perhaps a builder, a driver, or a programmer?

There's always a market for everyone's skills. You may already have your own clients, or you can browse our Gig Market for open work opportunities. We are happy to help you get started! 😌


I think I know which field would find my skills useful

Fantastic! Remember, you don't have to figure out your skills and know-how alone. We at Way2Work can help you recognise your skills and know-how, and connect them with the people and companies who need them.

If necessary, we can also help you with various work permits so that you can get started! 😇


I joined Way2Work, what happens next?

Nice to hear! Please remember to fill out your profile and upload the necessary documents. If you do not have any clients of your own to start with, you can get started and earning pay by completing open gigs. 👌

If you find yourself with a collection of clients while using Way2Work, you will no longer need to browse through open gig opportunities. You can focus on selling your expertise to those who need it the most! 🫰


Complete a gig and earn pay

Did you find a work gig, or would you like to invoice your own clients? Now you can focus on working and trust in that important payments and notices are taken care of correctly and on time through Way2Work.

Yes indeed: we will take care of all paperwork for you and pay you automatically once you've completed your work gig – it does not get any easier than this! 😎

Who are we, and what do we do?

Get to know Way2Work's staff

Maia-Liisa Stadnik

Customer service

Karmen Siim

Invoicing department

Ηοlden Κaru

Project development

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? Would you help me?

Leave us a contact request, and we will be happy to help 😍

We will contact you for a preliminary evaluation of your skills and then help you get started!

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